Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I know, I know. I've been a lazy ass in updating my blog already. A great apology for this. Here's the thing, the reason I am not posting my compromised posts yet 'coz my usb wire got lost. Geez. Anyways, as what I've said on my previous post, I got terribly sick. Well thank God I'm super fine now. Actually it was last Friday that I got okay. Went back to school, took special exams, back to normal again. Okay, let's go to the "innermost" meaning of this post. Skeptic, as what the title says. Honestly, I'm so skeptical that I fuckin' don't know why. Like, I don't really feel any thrill for my upcoming birthday. If it wasn't because of my close friend, Kat that reminded me that my birthday would be this Sunday already, I wouldn't just mind about it. Another, no Christmas spirit running down on my nerves. Unlike before, I would really feel that excitement that everyone feels, the thrill. Got it? Ugh. I'm getting weird nowadays -.-  I was really planning on attending the "Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi" to feel the Christmas essence. But then, I'm just really so good in sleeping that I really can't notice my alarm, though it was set in the highest volume already. Hahaha this is such a non-sense post, maybe? Well, don't worry blog bugs, I'll really be posting my compromised posts before 2013 hit our calendars. I guarantee you that :) 
Keep in touch! :)


Monday, December 10, 2012

A Short "what's up?"

Holla lazy ass! I know I had many compromised  posts that I supposed to be posting it already. To be honest, laziness stroked hahaha Sorry for that. Well it was like this, I got sick for the past few days. High fever, and had measles to worsen the situation. Spent the weekend on my bedroom, missed weekend fun :((( anyways, thank God I'm feeling better now. I need to go to school by tomorrow already, Prelim exams would be in 2 days. Geez. As soon as my exams are over and my health would be completely back in its normal healthy way, I'll be catching up to my compromised posts. :) Be back in few days blog bugs!


Monday, December 3, 2012

See you soon again, Girlfriend

Her name is Ej. She's crazy, bipolar (haha) and always misunderstood by those who doesn't know her that much. Despite of that negative stuffs she have (well there are still a lot of them) believe me, I SUPER LOVE THIS GIRL. She was my all time lover, my girlfriend since our 2nd year in highschool. We depend on each other at many times. We treat each other more like sisters do. I know her from head to toe, to the innermost of her being. A very close friend of mine indeed that I don't know when will I be seeing her again, us her friends actually. She left for Las Vegas last Sunday afternoon. Just two days before her birthday which is on December 4. I know she just left recently but swear, I'm starting to miss this bad-ass so muuuccchhhh ;((( (oh c'mon i'm being a drama queen haha) Well, I know something really good is waiting for her in Las Vegas. Everything happens for a reason. I know she's happy now 'coz she'll gonna be spending her birthday and the Yuletide season with her family, being complete already :) Take care of yourself there,Ej. We will be waiting for your comeback surely and, Advance Happy Birthday dear! I love you always :*

Some instagram photos of Ej's despedida party:

 Hard drinks, yum pizza, beer pong, great friends. Ej was happy w/ this :)

Morning faces

Go vain people. Haha

 Jigsaw photo collage for Ej.

Hopes up high to be with this close friend again, SOON :)


Friday, November 30, 2012

The Right Boyfriend

The Right Boyfriend

Boyfriend jeans are definitely back on fashion trend. This edgy look shows more femininity on every ladies, of course if you know how to pull off this look. Hmmm maybe I'll give a shot on this look, that would be for my next blog post :) So, watcha say on this blog bugs? tell me what's on your mind. Comment and follow! ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kid's Party

Holla! I'm back to blogging again. Haha it's been a week since I blogged last. Well, maybe busy with school stuffs and others. Anyways, it's been a long time since I went to a kid/children's party. It was the 3rd birthday of my cousin, Alaistair yesterday. Obviously, it was an Angry Bird themed party of his, he just really loves those game characters! It wasn't just a birthday party but a gathering also of our family and relatives. For the two consecutive weekends, all of us were gathered indeed! Last weekend was Nanay Angela's death anniversary (my grandma's sister) and just yesterday was this children's party. See how tight our family is? :) Blood is really thicker than water. I've been missing hang-out's with friends already. Anyways, enjoy watchin' these photo stuffs :)
These cupcakes were so fuckin' delish. nomnom

Alaistair (carried by his dad) with his family
My all time fave dessert hmmmm
Such a cutie, baby Icy :>
Ador the clown
Outfit posts? Yeah, I miss having them! gotta be posting soon. Enjoy the day blog bugs!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Early November

As what I've said on the previous post, here are the photos of how was the early weeks of my November went through. Check 'em out :)
First day of class for 2nd sem. brown ladies. haha :)
happy 3 us!
Sophia's birthday (most right)
Milk tea time!
KFC w/ buddies
Brian's ribs @ Casa Verde
Nomnom again @ Big Mao

School gals ;)

Lucky us! we saw Kryz Uy in WAGW store in SM.
Army Navy treat from brotha. nomnom again
Crazy convo w/ all time crazy friend Tosh. Hahaha One More chance big fans we are.

All time fave halo-halo.
Poor lechon from last night's event here at home.
Though the school life that I have this semester is quite harder, there were still some stuffs that made me have a break. Food, very obvious in this one. Haha and of course the company of ever loving friends. That's for now blog bugs. 'Til I blog again! :)


Early November Description

Few weeks ago, life had been so buuusssyyy, and yeah seriously busy. I never thought second semester would be a whole lot different with the previous one. Full load, straight morning to afternoon classes (no chill breaks, just lunch break) difficult subjects strike, more strict teachers, always having quizzes, heavier traffics on the roads that I fuckin' don't know why. Okaaay kill me now -.- ugggh never thought college life would get hard as time goes by, and a whole lot harder on the coming years. Whenever I arrived home from school, I just felt so fuckin tired that I always fell asleep fast, but woke up during midnight or around 1-2 am. Though stress is really occuring, there were also sometimes that I got to have a break, of course. It's been always about food. Haha food trips were the best thing that happened and been happening in this early part of the month. Since my Aunt together with her two sons arrived from Scotland, we just kept on having food trips on great resto's around the city. Well, we indeed are family, have great common love for food. Haha :) Well, I'll just be posting instagram photos from my friend Danica and random photos from my phone of how was the few weeks of November had been on my next blog entry. I'll be posting those later this afternoon maybe, gotta search for my usb wire. Haha so words for now, photos later ;)


Friday, November 9, 2012

Get Ready

Well, classes had started again. There are still no formal classes in all of my subjects, but there were some teachers who already gave their rules and conditions in the class. To clear this up, 2ND SEM WILL PROBABLY EAT ME UUUPPPP!!! (oh sorry for being exag but it's true) two terror teachers that I will be dwelling with for the whole semester, more units, difficult subjects are coming over ft. the terror teachers handling it. My goodness, I can't imagine what would be my life soon. Ugh -.- well "real school" is really occurring I think. It would be a whole lot different with my first semester life, so fuckin' chill like a boss. Damn. Negative vibes are still running on my mind, if I could survive or what. But no, I don't have to mind them. If others can, much more I, right? Good vibes, come in me pleaassee? :) So the point in here is I have to be more serious with my studies this time. Wake up EARLIER. And learn to study more. Sounds creepy. Haha Seriously, I'll do better this time no matter what. Fight, fight, fight!
That's all for now blog bugs. 'Til I blog again. :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life Lately

It's been a while since my last blog, sorry for that. October is ending, it means classes for the 2nd sem is near. Yay for that! Haha I'm not a very school lover type of person, but sembreak is really killing me now, I mean the boredom. Ugh -.- I was enjoying the early part of the break, since I went to Bantayan with classmates. But as the weeks goes by, daaang! it's really not that good though. Well, thanks to my friends who still killed the boredom, cousins who spent the entire day having movie marathons, my ever loyal lover, FOOD and the internet. Haha just be posting photos how was life lately. Make stories out of these :)

Friday night chill out w/ friends
Reunited w/ highschool buddies (Rya's birthday, Nelle's sister)
New shorts from Euphoria
Miss Cole body products, great indeed!
Delicacy cake & chocolates from Aunt's vacay in HK.
lots of pants from Europe! thanks Tita D :)
Baby Sky's devil Halloween costume. such a cutie :")
Assorted Danish biscuits. hmmm nomnom

I'm missing outfit posts. hmmm maybe posting new one very soon. Anyways, enjoy the Halloween and November holidays blog bugs :)


Friday, October 19, 2012

Survival Training, More Like A Vacation

Wohooo Sembreak! This year's semester break was one of the best for me. Our section, Bravo went to the very awesome island of Bantayan, Cebu. We had our survival training simulation exercise there, it's a requirement on our course. As what the post title says, it's more like a vacation indeed. I could say, it was 20% survival training and 80% fun vacation. Hahaha we stayed at the place for 3 days only. I badly want to stay in there for more days, but of course I have to go. Although, I REALLY HAD SO MUCH FUN AND ENJOYED the stay :))) loved the place, the white sand beach, beautiful sunset and scenery, the company of friends & classmates, food, the bantayanon people and everything indeed. Gotta go back in there some other time :)

Isn't the beach calls you for a swim? Haha
Beach buddies, Dada and Kat :)
Yours Truly :>
Classmates with our Mother Monster turned Abbu Sayyaf hahaha LOL

Boodle fight dinner during the 2nd night of stay. Everyone did put a goddamn fight! Hahaha
See? seems like we just had a picnic by the beach! Hahahaha Ohhhh the food we had, c'mon they made me so full during our stay :D (lunch during the last day)
Bantayan Sunset

Looking forward to visit the place again, and with my complete set of barkada. hopes up high! :)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lace & Aztec Craze

Two posts last night, and a post now. Isn't it obvious that I'm so bored? Haha well it's Finals week and I got no exams for today, still have to review and finish my essay project though. Anyways, I know I promised in one of my previous posts that I'll be posting outfit posts, sorry for that. I just don't have enough time, busy maybe. Haha Well, I and my friend Katrina got the chance to shoot these photos before we went to Tresha's debut (as what you've seen on my previous post) We were so lacey that night! She'll be posting hers on her blog too. So horaaah for the new outfit post :)

I forgot where my sandals were, so I just grabbed these flats. Haha

This outfit looks expensive, but it was totally not! Great outfits doesn't need to be expensive. Just be street smart :)

Thrifted lace top
Aztec Bandage Skirt - Let's Stylize
          Neon necklace, Spiked cuff & Cross ring from a tiangge.