Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life Lately

It's been a while since my last blog, sorry for that. October is ending, it means classes for the 2nd sem is near. Yay for that! Haha I'm not a very school lover type of person, but sembreak is really killing me now, I mean the boredom. Ugh -.- I was enjoying the early part of the break, since I went to Bantayan with classmates. But as the weeks goes by, daaang! it's really not that good though. Well, thanks to my friends who still killed the boredom, cousins who spent the entire day having movie marathons, my ever loyal lover, FOOD and the internet. Haha just be posting photos how was life lately. Make stories out of these :)

Friday night chill out w/ friends
Reunited w/ highschool buddies (Rya's birthday, Nelle's sister)
New shorts from Euphoria
Miss Cole body products, great indeed!
Delicacy cake & chocolates from Aunt's vacay in HK.
lots of pants from Europe! thanks Tita D :)
Baby Sky's devil Halloween costume. such a cutie :")
Assorted Danish biscuits. hmmm nomnom

I'm missing outfit posts. hmmm maybe posting new one very soon. Anyways, enjoy the Halloween and November holidays blog bugs :)


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