Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Wind Up

Second time around to be here at La Vie Parisienne. The place is pretty much famous around Cebu City and always wanted to be visited by many curious food/wine goers, and also the pink trees are the ones much talked about. Haha As usual, the french croissants and other pastries in here never disappoints me. Check out these shots.

             This is what I'm saying, the artificial cherry blossoms gives a great delight in the place.


                              Had some wine with my three friends and a good talk, of course.


                      The croissants and raspberry turnover were really delish!! Really must try!


    The sausage and this kind of cheese (that I forgot the name) were also good as pair for the wine.          
          Sorry if I don't have clean photos with the food, we were quite hungry at that time. Haha
          If you're from Cebu City or planning to have a trip/vacation in here, this place is a must try. 
                                                      'Til I blog again, blog bugs! Xx

Monday, February 10, 2014


Every girl should know what basic clothing is. Aside from it is just comfy, it never goes out of style. Us girls, should have the basic clothes on our closets because trust me, they are not difficult to style. Ireally didn't realize that I could blog something interesting since I was just goofing around while my boyfriend's taking photos of me. Haha Well, I could take this outfit post as a guide on basic clothing. White button down polo, printed leggings (you should know what print suits you and looks good on you) and a good pair of sneakers. This is my version of the basics.


   White button down's are always easy to style. You could have it this way, or opt for pants or shorts. 

     What I also love about this look is that you could match with any footwear. I opted for sneakers.    
                          You could also wear sandals, closed flat shoes, boots or even pumps. 



                                                      Matchy-matchy with the boyfriend :)


                 Really didn't know how to pose for the camera, so let's just keep it this way. Haha
  My white polo and floral printed leggings were given by friends (gift) and an all black Keds sneakers.   

                                      I hope this post helps! 'Til I blog again blog bugs! Xx