Friday, October 19, 2012

Survival Training, More Like A Vacation

Wohooo Sembreak! This year's semester break was one of the best for me. Our section, Bravo went to the very awesome island of Bantayan, Cebu. We had our survival training simulation exercise there, it's a requirement on our course. As what the post title says, it's more like a vacation indeed. I could say, it was 20% survival training and 80% fun vacation. Hahaha we stayed at the place for 3 days only. I badly want to stay in there for more days, but of course I have to go. Although, I REALLY HAD SO MUCH FUN AND ENJOYED the stay :))) loved the place, the white sand beach, beautiful sunset and scenery, the company of friends & classmates, food, the bantayanon people and everything indeed. Gotta go back in there some other time :)

Isn't the beach calls you for a swim? Haha
Beach buddies, Dada and Kat :)
Yours Truly :>
Classmates with our Mother Monster turned Abbu Sayyaf hahaha LOL

Boodle fight dinner during the 2nd night of stay. Everyone did put a goddamn fight! Hahaha
See? seems like we just had a picnic by the beach! Hahahaha Ohhhh the food we had, c'mon they made me so full during our stay :D (lunch during the last day)
Bantayan Sunset

Looking forward to visit the place again, and with my complete set of barkada. hopes up high! :)


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