Friday, November 9, 2012

Get Ready

Well, classes had started again. There are still no formal classes in all of my subjects, but there were some teachers who already gave their rules and conditions in the class. To clear this up, 2ND SEM WILL PROBABLY EAT ME UUUPPPP!!! (oh sorry for being exag but it's true) two terror teachers that I will be dwelling with for the whole semester, more units, difficult subjects are coming over ft. the terror teachers handling it. My goodness, I can't imagine what would be my life soon. Ugh -.- well "real school" is really occurring I think. It would be a whole lot different with my first semester life, so fuckin' chill like a boss. Damn. Negative vibes are still running on my mind, if I could survive or what. But no, I don't have to mind them. If others can, much more I, right? Good vibes, come in me pleaassee? :) So the point in here is I have to be more serious with my studies this time. Wake up EARLIER. And learn to study more. Sounds creepy. Haha Seriously, I'll do better this time no matter what. Fight, fight, fight!
That's all for now blog bugs. 'Til I blog again. :)

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