Sunday, November 18, 2012

Early November Description

Few weeks ago, life had been so buuusssyyy, and yeah seriously busy. I never thought second semester would be a whole lot different with the previous one. Full load, straight morning to afternoon classes (no chill breaks, just lunch break) difficult subjects strike, more strict teachers, always having quizzes, heavier traffics on the roads that I fuckin' don't know why. Okaaay kill me now -.- ugggh never thought college life would get hard as time goes by, and a whole lot harder on the coming years. Whenever I arrived home from school, I just felt so fuckin tired that I always fell asleep fast, but woke up during midnight or around 1-2 am. Though stress is really occuring, there were also sometimes that I got to have a break, of course. It's been always about food. Haha food trips were the best thing that happened and been happening in this early part of the month. Since my Aunt together with her two sons arrived from Scotland, we just kept on having food trips on great resto's around the city. Well, we indeed are family, have great common love for food. Haha :) Well, I'll just be posting instagram photos from my friend Danica and random photos from my phone of how was the few weeks of November had been on my next blog entry. I'll be posting those later this afternoon maybe, gotta search for my usb wire. Haha so words for now, photos later ;)


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