Monday, December 3, 2012

See you soon again, Girlfriend

Her name is Ej. She's crazy, bipolar (haha) and always misunderstood by those who doesn't know her that much. Despite of that negative stuffs she have (well there are still a lot of them) believe me, I SUPER LOVE THIS GIRL. She was my all time lover, my girlfriend since our 2nd year in highschool. We depend on each other at many times. We treat each other more like sisters do. I know her from head to toe, to the innermost of her being. A very close friend of mine indeed that I don't know when will I be seeing her again, us her friends actually. She left for Las Vegas last Sunday afternoon. Just two days before her birthday which is on December 4. I know she just left recently but swear, I'm starting to miss this bad-ass so muuuccchhhh ;((( (oh c'mon i'm being a drama queen haha) Well, I know something really good is waiting for her in Las Vegas. Everything happens for a reason. I know she's happy now 'coz she'll gonna be spending her birthday and the Yuletide season with her family, being complete already :) Take care of yourself there,Ej. We will be waiting for your comeback surely and, Advance Happy Birthday dear! I love you always :*

Some instagram photos of Ej's despedida party:

 Hard drinks, yum pizza, beer pong, great friends. Ej was happy w/ this :)

Morning faces

Go vain people. Haha

 Jigsaw photo collage for Ej.

Hopes up high to be with this close friend again, SOON :)


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