Sunday, November 18, 2012

Early November

As what I've said on the previous post, here are the photos of how was the early weeks of my November went through. Check 'em out :)
First day of class for 2nd sem. brown ladies. haha :)
happy 3 us!
Sophia's birthday (most right)
Milk tea time!
KFC w/ buddies
Brian's ribs @ Casa Verde
Nomnom again @ Big Mao

School gals ;)

Lucky us! we saw Kryz Uy in WAGW store in SM.
Army Navy treat from brotha. nomnom again
Crazy convo w/ all time crazy friend Tosh. Hahaha One More chance big fans we are.

All time fave halo-halo.
Poor lechon from last night's event here at home.
Though the school life that I have this semester is quite harder, there were still some stuffs that made me have a break. Food, very obvious in this one. Haha and of course the company of ever loving friends. That's for now blog bugs. 'Til I blog again! :)



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    1. hahaha lage. taas pa jd kay iya heels ana pero taas ghapon ko nya. pero pretty jod cya oy. haha