I'm Jian Denise Gabest. 18 year old young lady from Cebu City, Philippines. A college student taking up BS Airline Management. I'm an outgoing person who can easily get along well with other people. I'm deeply in love with fashion, arts, and nature. I will explore this planet soon, traveling is one of what I love.  I'm the youngest in the family and the only rose among thorns, yes, I have 3 crazy older brothers and dealing with guys isn't so hard for me 'coz of this. I really have this great desire to be an artist and a doctor as well, but ironically, my course has nothing to do with my desired fields. In my own ways, I'm expressing my passion for the arts through blogging and sketching things in my own. I have some uncertain issues in life. I'm the typical kind of teenager who as well experiences tough times regarding on my studies, other people that I bumped into my daily life and even on my family & friends. It's a fact that the best teacher is your experiences.


To some people who just visited my blog, it was first titled as "Chasing Seagulls" because I just love seagulls or to be general, birds. I believe I'm a seagull yet born human. Then, I had it changed into "Wanderlust". By the definition itself, I have a strong desire to travel and explore the world, discover my true existence. And at present, "If You Seek Jian" I think this would be the permanent one already. Sorry if I keep on changing my blog name, maybe I was still finding the best name that suits me and this one seems to be for keeps.
This blog would contain posts affecting many aspects in my journey walking on Earth. My passions, interests, life happenings, thoughts running on my mind and everything. Just keep the scroll scrolling and don't forget to follow me :>

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