Monday, January 27, 2014

Food Trip 101: Pepper Lunch


Pepper Lunch had a branch already here in Cebu and it opened few weeks ago at the new wing of Ayala Center. So what does it mean? A happier tummy for everyone! Finally satisfied my craving this afternoon. Though I was alone, I didn't feel alone having the company of the delish dish. It was my first time to try in a japanese teppan style restaurant and It satisfied my taste buds. Though it's quite pricey, the price you're paying is definitely worth it. 


                                                        Worth spending for. Yum yum!!! 


I ordered their best seller which is Beef Pepper Rice. Absolutely good! Thumbs up for this and I'll definitely come back and try all their dishes. Oops, foodie problems. Haha 

                                                        Eat all the way blog bugs! xx

Sinulog 2014

Sorry if my Sinulog post is already more than a week late. But it's better late than never, right? :)
The second most wonderful time of the year never failed us Cebuanos, and even the non-cebuanos, the tourists who came along from far places who spent their weekend here in Cebu just to experience the wonderful festivity. As year goes by, Sinulog becomes bigger and bolder. More devotees attended the daily novena mass despite of the rainy weather during those days. It just goes to show how us, Filipinos are truly faithful in our religion. And second, the annual street parties were crazy! I admit that I still have a sinulog hangover. Haha Well of course, reality is back. So just check this out some photos from sinulog weekend. 

                              Novena mass in Basilica del Sto.NiƱo that I attended with my friends.

             Good thing my mom reserved a room in Hotel Elizabeth during the sinulog weekend.



 Had some coffee and frappe with my family at Cafe Noriter, the place is famous in the city 'coz of it's cute ambiance. And it was just located across our hotel.

                                   What I wore during the street party. Comfy #ootd hahaha

                                                              The party animals 


Sinulog would never be that fun and memorable without these guys! 3 years of spending with the gang :) (and some were with us for the first time) 

                                                 First sinulog together with this guy ❤️

                                   Can't wait for Sinulog 2015! Have a good day blog bugs! :) 
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