Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hill Top Escape

For the past few days, laziness had been my greatest feeling. Lazy to get up in bed every morning that I sometimes miss my first subject class, lazy to listen to class discussions and everything. For a quick "what's up", I'm transferring to another school by June. Seems like I'm having negative aura already in my current school. The greatest reason would be is that my course isn't really what I wanted to take up. I really dreamed to be in medical field but I landed on an entirely different one which is Airline Management. But here's the great thing, my mom allowed me to transfer school and be in the field of what I love :) she did understand me already. So, so much for that "quick what's up" thing, I'll just be updating stuffs soon. About this post, this hill top escape was so random. We didn't even attend the rest of this afternoon's supposed to be classes. Naughty college students. tsk (hahaha lol)

This day was very gloomy, due to the rainy weather. We almost froze up there! chills down to our spines.

Gorgeous we are <3
Stayed for a while at Mr. A's before we decided to move to another place.

Spent the rest of the afternoon across Tops Skyline Garden. A very chill spot just beside the road, chiller 'coz of the cold air. Haha

This probably was one of the best afternoons ever! I'm such a nature lover person, got a chance to relax my mind with it. Though it was quite quick & we just stayed for couple of hours, we enjoyed it. And of course, thanks to our 2 guy friends at school who randomly invited us to go hill top. Nice one indeed.

'Til I blog again, blog bugs!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Let's Get it On

Let's Get it On

It's been a month ago since I last created a set on my Polyvore account. I just really love this site, one of the killer of my boredom aside from blogging. Check out my profile to see more of my fashion picks! Click here!_


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feel The Beat! Sinulog 2013

Pit Senyor, Sugbuanons! Sinulog happened last weekend but my goodness, I just can't get enough of it! It was one of the best Sinulog since the festival happened annually. I'm so proud of myself because for the first time, I've completed the novena mass and attended the solemn procession. Such a fulfilling thing for my Christian soul O:) On the other hand, us Cebuanos are great fan of street parties and really a lovely crowd for such things. To be honest, I can't find enough words to express the rush and fun that I experienced during Sinulog. Not just me, but all of the Cebuanos actually. The festival was just really, really great & awesome. Everyone is your friends, smiles & happy faces all over the place, no hate just love and party beat spreading around. Just check out these photos and maybe you guys could somewhat understand me. Haha ;)

Check out the huge difference on the neatness of our appearances from the 1st picture. Haha Paint Party again!

Too bad this photo was blurry. But anyways I still love this (Kate, Kim & I)

The lovely crowd

Extreme fun enjoyed 'coz of the great accompany of my ever awesome highschool friends. Love them 'til death! Those face mess, dirty it may look but paint parties are just great. Thanks big time Sinulog 2013! One of the best, greatly looking forward for the next. For those who haven't experienced Sinulog yet, better try it next year or the next years coming. I'm just so proud that I'm a Cebuano, won't exchange Cebu for any places in this planet! <3

Photo credits from my friends Kate & Xena's album, and mine as well.
Photos taken at Baseline/Mango Ave.