Thursday, December 19, 2013

10 Dove Street

Cebu is pretty much an urbanized place already. So when you talk about urbanization, restaurants are one of the things to be considered. My food buddy/boyfriend and I went today at a very cozy restaurant named 10 Dove Street. It is located inside Sto.NiƱo Village in Banilad, Cebu City. The name of this restaurant is actually the name of the street itself. Their food menu was composed of choices of pastas, sandwiches, salads, soups and few cakes. I absolutely love the place because of its good ambiance. The restaurant is just of small place, few tables only and pretty much serene. I could say It is a good place for dating. Hahaha :) and to add also, the food is just simple and tastes good. The price is very affordable as well. So, take a look of some photos that I've taken there. 


                                                             These were our food.
         Mine was the "Mama Mia" pasta and my bf's was a roasted beef sandwich. Both tasted good. 

We just appreciated so much the restaurant's appearance that of course we had our own "selfies" haha lol. 


If you're a definite foodie, this place is a must try. This even have a tripadvisor sticker on their door which means it's really worth going to. Keep in track for my next posts about great food spots here in Cebu.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Coz I can't sleep and I remembered that this blog of mine still exist, or shall I say does it really exist still? Haha I really had plans of reinventing this blog 'coz I know it's dull already but naah, I'm too lazy to do that now since there's anymore no pc here at home, laptop crashed down and I'm just using my ipad. It's still more convenient to use the laptop or pc whenever editing so much stuffs on a blog. Anyways, let's keep it that way first. Just excuse the dull appearance of my blog. I'll fix this soon? Hahaha

Well here's the real thing. This was the 18th birthday of a very good friend of mine, Toshtel. It was the comfiest debut party that I've been so far. No wearing of heels, no pressure on putting on make up. It was just a very cozy night, maybe with the Hippie/70's theme as well. So here's what I wore and some photos from the party. 


                                      I belonged to the The Beatles and Nirvana table group. 



  And this was the night's outfit or OOTD/OOTN. haha I just recycled clothes, not even a single centavo was spent. Thanks a lot to grandma's closet, I found this fab printed maxi skirt. Wew! ;)


                                                              Highschool Buddies!!!


              The 18 candles which included me and some highschool and college friends of Toshtel. 
                    (not so sure if candles was the term used during this party really forgot haha lol)

                         These two last photos in fish eye lens were of credits from the debutant. 

              *I'm really hoping I could fix this blog soon and can blog more often. Well let's just see! ;))

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Errrr..... Uhmmmm... How do I start this? Okay here's the thing. My blog is still alive! I haven't blogged for 2 months already. Gaah, I'm such a loser. Honestly, I was in doubt if I would keep this blog or just ditch it. I was just really lazy for doing posts here on my blog, too lazy to update even my facebook account. Lazy for social networking sites to be exact, but except for my instagram account (follow me on ig @jianthebest. hehe) I'm really not into using our desktop or laptop for the whole summer. I was  just relying on my phone, that's why my instagram account is the most updated. Yeah I still somewhat check out my facebook account but I just don't find that social networking site good anymore. The people are just so annoying already, such attention whores. And one thing, there are many dumb and annoying people on my newsfeed that I can't even remember that I added or accepted friend requests from them. F*ck it. That's why I was thinking also of deactivating my account. 
Well, back to my "doubting issue" with this blog. Seriously, I really don't know what to do anymore, with my life actually, I guess? (errrr....) I just find myself loser for not updating my blog and that's exactly one of the reasons why I'm doubting to keep this or not. I'm such a lame creature. Haha but I had this realization, just yesterday. I just miss blogging so much!!! my blog is my confidante as well, which is a great thing in my life. I can post everything, post my dramas, whatever I'm feeling which I can't share on just any social networking sites. I just really hope my laziness won't deprive me. Hahaha well it's better to rarely post than posting but nothing, right? (just agree with me) So, I think this issue is done. My blog will be kept, forever! hahaha 
My next post I think would be about getting back to school, which will be in 5 days from now. I'm still kinda nervous about it although I'm in my 2nd year of college already. (hmmmm) so that's for now and 'Til I blog again, blog bugs! xx


Monday, April 1, 2013

North Bound

Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. Doing something foolish while you are still young is everyone's human nature, that's my own view. 
And yeah, I together with my three girlfriends did a little bit of foolishness just last weekend before holy week. Just enjoyed being young, I guess? Haha. We went on the northern part of Cebu, just wanted to get away and enjoyed the summer vibes. First of summer 2013 it was. First time to travel together by ourselves. No parents, nor teachers or any other older person with us. Just us. I'm greatly looking forward for the next adventures that we would do. We're not being rebellious, of course not. We are just enjoying teenage life. Spread the love <3

Medellin Beach. Lovely as ever.

(from left) Christine, I, Katrina & Danica.

 We are such camwhores. Hehe
That coconut tree effect. looks like we are in Hawaii! Haha lol
Fantastic Four! Haha

Daanbantayan's Greek-ish plaza. Love it definitely!
Ohh how I wish I live by the beach.
Have a good summer everyone! 

We just gave cure to our very "laagan" feet. Haha we agreed that we would tour whole Cebu before we reach the age of 20. And hopefully by that age and in the coming years, we would already be touring whole Philippines and out of the country soon!!! This is one of my motivation to do good in school and by the time we will be having jobs, we would really save for travelling purposes. Though there are many rough roads in life, life is still just so good and so as with this planet. So why not explore it and live the most out of it? :)
'Til I blog again, blog bugs! :>


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Summer's Here

Summer's here! I'm still alive, and so does with this
 blog :) My mom and I, along with her friends went to the ever lovely island of Boracay a week ago. That was exactly the break I need, such a perfect chiller. And that short vacation was one of the reasons why I haven't blogged for a month already. Well I admit, I'm lazy sometimes or most of the times. Haha

Check those lobsters out. 
I really didn't have plans of my hair getting braid but I gave in, I think that's a must try for girls in Bora.
Say hi to my mom! :)

My 9-year old beach buddy, Zyekha. This kid was really a great company! :)
I love taking sunset shots from the beaches that I've been to. 
Boracay sunset, loveliest ever <3

The rest of our vacation photos are found in my Facebook account,  just check them out if you're one of my facebook friends. If I could just stay longer in Bora, I definitely would or even live in there! I  really just fell in love with the place, everything about it. My hopes are up high in going back to this wonderful place soon. :)


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hill Top Escape

For the past few days, laziness had been my greatest feeling. Lazy to get up in bed every morning that I sometimes miss my first subject class, lazy to listen to class discussions and everything. For a quick "what's up", I'm transferring to another school by June. Seems like I'm having negative aura already in my current school. The greatest reason would be is that my course isn't really what I wanted to take up. I really dreamed to be in medical field but I landed on an entirely different one which is Airline Management. But here's the great thing, my mom allowed me to transfer school and be in the field of what I love :) she did understand me already. So, so much for that "quick what's up" thing, I'll just be updating stuffs soon. About this post, this hill top escape was so random. We didn't even attend the rest of this afternoon's supposed to be classes. Naughty college students. tsk (hahaha lol)

This day was very gloomy, due to the rainy weather. We almost froze up there! chills down to our spines.

Gorgeous we are <3
Stayed for a while at Mr. A's before we decided to move to another place.

Spent the rest of the afternoon across Tops Skyline Garden. A very chill spot just beside the road, chiller 'coz of the cold air. Haha

This probably was one of the best afternoons ever! I'm such a nature lover person, got a chance to relax my mind with it. Though it was quite quick & we just stayed for couple of hours, we enjoyed it. And of course, thanks to our 2 guy friends at school who randomly invited us to go hill top. Nice one indeed.

'Til I blog again, blog bugs!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Let's Get it On

Let's Get it On

It's been a month ago since I last created a set on my Polyvore account. I just really love this site, one of the killer of my boredom aside from blogging. Check out my profile to see more of my fashion picks! Click here!_


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feel The Beat! Sinulog 2013

Pit Senyor, Sugbuanons! Sinulog happened last weekend but my goodness, I just can't get enough of it! It was one of the best Sinulog since the festival happened annually. I'm so proud of myself because for the first time, I've completed the novena mass and attended the solemn procession. Such a fulfilling thing for my Christian soul O:) On the other hand, us Cebuanos are great fan of street parties and really a lovely crowd for such things. To be honest, I can't find enough words to express the rush and fun that I experienced during Sinulog. Not just me, but all of the Cebuanos actually. The festival was just really, really great & awesome. Everyone is your friends, smiles & happy faces all over the place, no hate just love and party beat spreading around. Just check out these photos and maybe you guys could somewhat understand me. Haha ;)

Check out the huge difference on the neatness of our appearances from the 1st picture. Haha Paint Party again!

Too bad this photo was blurry. But anyways I still love this (Kate, Kim & I)

The lovely crowd

Extreme fun enjoyed 'coz of the great accompany of my ever awesome highschool friends. Love them 'til death! Those face mess, dirty it may look but paint parties are just great. Thanks big time Sinulog 2013! One of the best, greatly looking forward for the next. For those who haven't experienced Sinulog yet, better try it next year or the next years coming. I'm just so proud that I'm a Cebuano, won't exchange Cebu for any places in this planet! <3

Photo credits from my friends Kate & Xena's album, and mine as well.
Photos taken at Baseline/Mango Ave.