Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Spirit

It's been a long time since I blogged an outfit post or shall I say, I rarely do one. I blog for 2 years already but honestly, I'm still shy about posting the outfit stuff though I am a big fan and follower of fashion. Haha
 So so, let's do this. Free Spirit, as what I can say about this. 

I'm a big fan of Boho fashion. It's just so comfortable and you can show the artsy side of yours. Some girls can pull off this look, while there are others also that can't. My inspiration for this such style is my fave blogger Cheyser Pedregosa. Such a gypsy gal! Well, I hope I pulled this off though. Haha Bohemian all the way!

Closer look of the print of the dress. Actually, this dress/long blouse was from my cousin. She sold this to me last year and just got the chance to wear it on that day, really forgot I had this on my closet.

Oh, pardon for such wackiness. Well, that's really me. 
If ever I'm gonna post again outfit post, I'll do better bugs. I think this blog deserves some ootd's. Tell me if this is a yay or nay then, don't hesitate to leave a comment! :)

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Southbound Weekend

Summer season is still on going. Getaways are still happening and wanted by many, definitely count me in. I had another good time last weekend, hit the south side for the Nth time. I really love the south side, serene living, fresh air, relaxed mode with nature, and the lovely beaches of course. Summer, please just don't end! I'm really enjoying this year's summer season, besides going to the beach and the country side, I enjoy being lazy at home and just reading bunch of fascinating novels, watching random movies and of course sleeping for ages. Haha lol. How I wish summer occurs twice a year. 

Anyways, these are the photos from last weekend. The name of the place is Bodos Bamboo Bar Restaurant & Resort, located at Alcoy, Cebu. 

The pool area. Such relaxing view. 

Though the place only have one pool, the rest of the area is quite huge. The kids will love here just running around, and also the kid's at heart. Lol

They have lots of those bamboo nipa huts, which were a good spot for chilling. 

The restaurant. It reminds me of Lantaw in Busay. It just feels so good eating up here with this kind of view. 

Their pizza was really good!!!

The place is just beside the highway, that's why the street can be just seen. Quite uphill. 

Good thing I woke up this early the next day, also because we'll be whale watching in Oslob. Sunrise! what I always miss in my life because I wake up late, always. Haha

Tell me what's to complain about. 

This one was in Oslob, Cebu. Those boats that were lined up were loaded with people, including us for the Butanding ( whale shark ) watching. 

I was with my brother, niece, sister-in-law and her family. Thanks to them they invited me. 

These creatures are amazing! Very friendly to humans. I know they're very huge but let me say they are cute! I'll surely go back and by that time, I'll swim with them already. 

I must say, Cebu is pretty much blessed with the gift of nature. Mind relaxed indeed last weekend. And on my next post, I'll blog about my boho-ish outfit. So stay tuned. Haha lol

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Food Trip 101: CMYK Dessert House

It's past 2 am and of course, I'm still awake. And yes, I will blog because I'm bored. Haha lol
Anyways, this is obviously a food post and I warn you not to get hungry and crave over to these few photos. My cousin, Casey and I went to one of my favorite dessert place in the city, CMYK. Probably this is my favorite actually, because of their scrumptious desserts and I feel very at home in this place, just quite, comfy and everything. Though I visited the place several times already, I'm still not able to taste all the desserts on their menu. Well, I got all the time and chances in the world to do it, since it is just very near from my school. Oops, I revealed how a foodie I am. Haha so so so, start craving everyone.

I really love it here, from the first time I visited the place. It is just so relaxing in here. Perfect for having a good talk and catching up with friends, family and with your special someone.

The best seller, Mugcake. 

This one is called "In a Relationship". Hmmm funny why I ordered this when I'm totally opposite with its name. Hahaha 

Banana Nutella Crepe. One of their bestsellers, I think. This was what I ordered also when I first visited in here and I wouldn't really mind ordering it again on my next visits.

We really don't care about diabetes, huh? 
Just goofing around. Hehe :)

Also why I love this place, their wall decorations are really cute and artsy. Visit the place to see more and of course, for you to taste their mouth watering desserts and other meals. This place is really a must-try Cebuanos and to those who are planning to visit Cebu City. 

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sun of a Beach

As what I've said on my last post, I've been dying to go to the beach. And finally craving satisfied! Haha lol. Good thing my friend Jioly-an asked me yesterday to accompany her in hitting the south side. We were supposed to stay overnight because our other friend was just in Simala and we could just stay at her place but nah, maybe next time when our other friends would go with us already. Though it was just the three of us, I definitely had fun. Maybe I'm such a beach bum. To sum it up, it was a good monday at the beach.

The Singles' Beach Club. Haha lol

Summer Feels.

Sorry if you are seeing too much of my feet. Haha 

Tell me how could I resist this. Beach everyday please!

I was eager to ride in that small boat in the center of this photo. The "bangkero" said it would just be a short tour around the area and go to other nearby beaches and if we want, we can jump to deep areas and take a swim. I really wanted to do so but my 2 friends hesitated so I just went with their decision then, there would always be a next time.

One of my favorites, the sunset. Too bad it wasn't that clear in this photo.

So I think that's for now. I can't wait for another beach session with friends and of course with my family as well. I definitely need more beach. And by the way, this was somewhere in Alcoy, southern part of Cebu.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Summer Starter

This is a late post, sorry for being lazy. Haha Anyways, I was out with the whole fam for 3 days a week ago. It's been a long time since the whole family was together for an out of town vacation. We stayed at Intosan Waterpark Resort in Danao, northern part of Cebu. Finally, I had time bonding with Mr.Sun and the cool water, though I really wanted us to go beachin'.  But anyways, I still have over a month for summer getaways and I'll surely hit the beach very soon! And and, here 'ya go with these few shots.

The kiddie pool was huge, it goes around like a river.

The adult pool, and that cave like thing over there is the slide.

My thing for sunset.

And of course, I should have selfie/ootd. Decided just to post these two. Haha

Hopefully, the odds would be in my favor 'coz my college friends and I are planning to have our summer getaway soon. So this post for now and thanks for dropping by! :)

'Til I blog again, blog bugs! Keep posted! Xx