Tuesday, April 1, 2014

City Weekend

Last weekend, my brother and his wife invited me to come over on their anniversary celebration. They stayed at a hotel and of course I didn't reject the invitation, since I was just bored at home and I really wanted to have a dip in the pool already, the main reason why I came over. Haha the family's still planning for a summer getaway and Yes, I badly need the beach already. So, here are some shots during last weekend. 


             We had dinner at a nearby resto, named Simply J's. Just few blocks away from the hotel.    
         And yes, the food was super delish and the ambiance was a thumbs up, very cozy and homie. 


          Such a delight. Grabbed some desserts at Micky's Japanese Cake Cafe, just across our hotel. 


                         Building view from a building. Cebu City is really a rising city. So proud. 


                                                                 Early morning dip.


                                                                  Breakfast, of course.


                  Morning window view. Feels like I'm in another country when I saw this. Haha

                                              'Til I blog again, blog bugs! Keep posted! Xx


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Wind Up

Second time around to be here at La Vie Parisienne. The place is pretty much famous around Cebu City and always wanted to be visited by many curious food/wine goers, and also the pink trees are the ones much talked about. Haha As usual, the french croissants and other pastries in here never disappoints me. Check out these shots.

             This is what I'm saying, the artificial cherry blossoms gives a great delight in the place.


                              Had some wine with my three friends and a good talk, of course.


                      The croissants and raspberry turnover were really delish!! Really must try!


    The sausage and this kind of cheese (that I forgot the name) were also good as pair for the wine.          
          Sorry if I don't have clean photos with the food, we were quite hungry at that time. Haha
          If you're from Cebu City or planning to have a trip/vacation in here, this place is a must try. 
                                                      'Til I blog again, blog bugs! Xx

Monday, February 10, 2014


Every girl should know what basic clothing is. Aside from it is just comfy, it never goes out of style. Us girls, should have the basic clothes on our closets because trust me, they are not difficult to style. Ireally didn't realize that I could blog something interesting since I was just goofing around while my boyfriend's taking photos of me. Haha Well, I could take this outfit post as a guide on basic clothing. White button down polo, printed leggings (you should know what print suits you and looks good on you) and a good pair of sneakers. This is my version of the basics.


   White button down's are always easy to style. You could have it this way, or opt for pants or shorts. 

     What I also love about this look is that you could match with any footwear. I opted for sneakers.    
                          You could also wear sandals, closed flat shoes, boots or even pumps. 



                                                      Matchy-matchy with the boyfriend :)


                 Really didn't know how to pose for the camera, so let's just keep it this way. Haha
  My white polo and floral printed leggings were given by friends (gift) and an all black Keds sneakers.   

                                      I hope this post helps! 'Til I blog again blog bugs! Xx                                   

Monday, January 27, 2014

Food Trip 101: Pepper Lunch


Pepper Lunch had a branch already here in Cebu and it opened few weeks ago at the new wing of Ayala Center. So what does it mean? A happier tummy for everyone! Finally satisfied my craving this afternoon. Though I was alone, I didn't feel alone having the company of the delish dish. It was my first time to try in a japanese teppan style restaurant and It satisfied my taste buds. Though it's quite pricey, the price you're paying is definitely worth it. 


                                                        Worth spending for. Yum yum!!! 


I ordered their best seller which is Beef Pepper Rice. Absolutely good! Thumbs up for this and I'll definitely come back and try all their dishes. Oops, foodie problems. Haha 

                                                        Eat all the way blog bugs! xx

Sinulog 2014

Sorry if my Sinulog post is already more than a week late. But it's better late than never, right? :)
The second most wonderful time of the year never failed us Cebuanos, and even the non-cebuanos, the tourists who came along from far places who spent their weekend here in Cebu just to experience the wonderful festivity. As year goes by, Sinulog becomes bigger and bolder. More devotees attended the daily novena mass despite of the rainy weather during those days. It just goes to show how us, Filipinos are truly faithful in our religion. And second, the annual street parties were crazy! I admit that I still have a sinulog hangover. Haha Well of course, reality is back. So just check this out some photos from sinulog weekend. 

                              Novena mass in Basilica del Sto.Niño that I attended with my friends.

             Good thing my mom reserved a room in Hotel Elizabeth during the sinulog weekend.



 Had some coffee and frappe with my family at Cafe Noriter, the place is famous in the city 'coz of it's cute ambiance. And it was just located across our hotel.

                                   What I wore during the street party. Comfy #ootd hahaha

                                                              The party animals 


Sinulog would never be that fun and memorable without these guys! 3 years of spending with the gang :) (and some were with us for the first time) 

                                                 First sinulog together with this guy ❤️

                                   Can't wait for Sinulog 2015! Have a good day blog bugs! :) 
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

10 Dove Street

Cebu is pretty much an urbanized place already. So when you talk about urbanization, restaurants are one of the things to be considered. My food buddy/boyfriend and I went today at a very cozy restaurant named 10 Dove Street. It is located inside Sto.Niño Village in Banilad, Cebu City. The name of this restaurant is actually the name of the street itself. Their food menu was composed of choices of pastas, sandwiches, salads, soups and few cakes. I absolutely love the place because of its good ambiance. The restaurant is just of small place, few tables only and pretty much serene. I could say It is a good place for dating. Hahaha :) and to add also, the food is just simple and tastes good. The price is very affordable as well. So, take a look of some photos that I've taken there. 


                                                             These were our food.
         Mine was the "Mama Mia" pasta and my bf's was a roasted beef sandwich. Both tasted good. 

We just appreciated so much the restaurant's appearance that of course we had our own "selfies" haha lol. 


If you're a definite foodie, this place is a must try. This even have a tripadvisor sticker on their door which means it's really worth going to. Keep in track for my next posts about great food spots here in Cebu.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Coz I can't sleep and I remembered that this blog of mine still exist, or shall I say does it really exist still? Haha I really had plans of reinventing this blog 'coz I know it's dull already but naah, I'm too lazy to do that now since there's anymore no pc here at home, laptop crashed down and I'm just using my ipad. It's still more convenient to use the laptop or pc whenever editing so much stuffs on a blog. Anyways, let's keep it that way first. Just excuse the dull appearance of my blog. I'll fix this soon? Hahaha

Well here's the real thing. This was the 18th birthday of a very good friend of mine, Toshtel. It was the comfiest debut party that I've been so far. No wearing of heels, no pressure on putting on make up. It was just a very cozy night, maybe with the Hippie/70's theme as well. So here's what I wore and some photos from the party. 


                                      I belonged to the The Beatles and Nirvana table group. 



  And this was the night's outfit or OOTD/OOTN. haha I just recycled clothes, not even a single centavo was spent. Thanks a lot to grandma's closet, I found this fab printed maxi skirt. Wew! ;)


                                                              Highschool Buddies!!!


              The 18 candles which included me and some highschool and college friends of Toshtel. 
                    (not so sure if candles was the term used during this party really forgot haha lol)

                         These two last photos in fish eye lens were of credits from the debutant. 

              *I'm really hoping I could fix this blog soon and can blog more often. Well let's just see! ;))

Friday, August 2, 2013

Acquaintance Party

Hello there blog bugs! The laziest ass is back. Hahaha. Anyways, I'm just blogging through my phone so I'll just keep the words few. Here's my post about my school's recent acquaintance party. It was my first time to join such since I didn't attend last year. The party was themed "Star Studded Night". So here is a glimpse of what I wore and some photos from the event.

Looking really a lady on this.
Metallic cropped top - WAGW
Skater skirt - DMY shop
Peep toe wedge - Parisian
Chain clutch bag - Salvatore Ferragamo

Everyone looks gorgeous and dashing that night. I'm looking forward for even more fun acquaintance party next year. 

'Til I blog again, blog bugs! xx