Monday, April 1, 2013

North Bound

Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. Doing something foolish while you are still young is everyone's human nature, that's my own view. 
And yeah, I together with my three girlfriends did a little bit of foolishness just last weekend before holy week. Just enjoyed being young, I guess? Haha. We went on the northern part of Cebu, just wanted to get away and enjoyed the summer vibes. First of summer 2013 it was. First time to travel together by ourselves. No parents, nor teachers or any other older person with us. Just us. I'm greatly looking forward for the next adventures that we would do. We're not being rebellious, of course not. We are just enjoying teenage life. Spread the love <3

Medellin Beach. Lovely as ever.

(from left) Christine, I, Katrina & Danica.

 We are such camwhores. Hehe
That coconut tree effect. looks like we are in Hawaii! Haha lol
Fantastic Four! Haha

Daanbantayan's Greek-ish plaza. Love it definitely!
Ohh how I wish I live by the beach.
Have a good summer everyone! 

We just gave cure to our very "laagan" feet. Haha we agreed that we would tour whole Cebu before we reach the age of 20. And hopefully by that age and in the coming years, we would already be touring whole Philippines and out of the country soon!!! This is one of my motivation to do good in school and by the time we will be having jobs, we would really save for travelling purposes. Though there are many rough roads in life, life is still just so good and so as with this planet. So why not explore it and live the most out of it? :)
'Til I blog again, blog bugs! :>