Sunday, August 26, 2012

Babies Love :">

I really love kids :) Babies bring so much happiness and positive aura in the house. I mean, I don't know what's with these two babies that just makes me happy everytime I see them at home. Baby Zeke and Sky are my nephew and niece. 2012 is year of the babies in our family. As in. 3 babies were born in this year. Straight line up from my brothers. Haha well I'll be making these 2 babies famous in this blogging site. Baby Sky and Zeke will have the limelight first, since they are the ones having many photos 
already. Haha see how these two babies always cheer us up all :)))

The Cheerful, Baby Ezekiel :D (9 months old)

What 'cha looking at huh?

The Little Fashionista, Baby Sky :) (4 months old)
Hello Cutieeeee :">

Cribmates :D


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reunited ♥

Holla! this was such a good day (though I was really pissed off on my way to Ayala coz of the rain) Anyways, this was the thing, I got the chance to bond and catch things up with a very good friend of mine, Toshtel :) since she transferred school during our last year in highschool, we were not able to have a good talk. I don't know why but it really did give me an awesome feeling, after being with her again (and our friend Tresha was there too but left first) Maybe it was because she was really a good friend of mine and still awesome until now! :) looking forward for my next dates with long time away friends :)))                                  


Yogurt date with our long time distanced friend Tosh (most right)



1st blog entry. Hello to blogspot :) I'm loving this week coz of the long weekend I had, thanks to the holidays! I've been planning for a quite long time already to put up a personal blog. Due to some circumstances, it was postponed and postponed but tadah! I have one now in this blogging site. Well, I think I'll be enjoying my spare time now at home. That's for now and I'll be saving my powers for the next blog entries coming :)

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