Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lace & Aztec Craze

Two posts last night, and a post now. Isn't it obvious that I'm so bored? Haha well it's Finals week and I got no exams for today, still have to review and finish my essay project though. Anyways, I know I promised in one of my previous posts that I'll be posting outfit posts, sorry for that. I just don't have enough time, busy maybe. Haha Well, I and my friend Katrina got the chance to shoot these photos before we went to Tresha's debut (as what you've seen on my previous post) We were so lacey that night! She'll be posting hers on her blog too. So horaaah for the new outfit post :)

I forgot where my sandals were, so I just grabbed these flats. Haha

This outfit looks expensive, but it was totally not! Great outfits doesn't need to be expensive. Just be street smart :)

Thrifted lace top
Aztec Bandage Skirt - Let's Stylize
          Neon necklace, Spiked cuff & Cross ring from a tiangge.



  1. Love the feminine touches of the aztec prints and accessories which was then complemented with edgy bangles + earrings along with the see-through back part

    1. thanks! well, I really put edge on everything I wear. Just be a little experimental! :)