Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Coz I can't sleep and I remembered that this blog of mine still exist, or shall I say does it really exist still? Haha I really had plans of reinventing this blog 'coz I know it's dull already but naah, I'm too lazy to do that now since there's anymore no pc here at home, laptop crashed down and I'm just using my ipad. It's still more convenient to use the laptop or pc whenever editing so much stuffs on a blog. Anyways, let's keep it that way first. Just excuse the dull appearance of my blog. I'll fix this soon? Hahaha

Well here's the real thing. This was the 18th birthday of a very good friend of mine, Toshtel. It was the comfiest debut party that I've been so far. No wearing of heels, no pressure on putting on make up. It was just a very cozy night, maybe with the Hippie/70's theme as well. So here's what I wore and some photos from the party. 


                                      I belonged to the The Beatles and Nirvana table group. 



  And this was the night's outfit or OOTD/OOTN. haha I just recycled clothes, not even a single centavo was spent. Thanks a lot to grandma's closet, I found this fab printed maxi skirt. Wew! ;)


                                                              Highschool Buddies!!!


              The 18 candles which included me and some highschool and college friends of Toshtel. 
                    (not so sure if candles was the term used during this party really forgot haha lol)

                         These two last photos in fish eye lens were of credits from the debutant. 

              *I'm really hoping I could fix this blog soon and can blog more often. Well let's just see! ;))

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