Sunday, March 3, 2013

Summer's Here

Summer's here! I'm still alive, and so does with this
 blog :) My mom and I, along with her friends went to the ever lovely island of Boracay a week ago. That was exactly the break I need, such a perfect chiller. And that short vacation was one of the reasons why I haven't blogged for a month already. Well I admit, I'm lazy sometimes or most of the times. Haha

Check those lobsters out. 
I really didn't have plans of my hair getting braid but I gave in, I think that's a must try for girls in Bora.
Say hi to my mom! :)

My 9-year old beach buddy, Zyekha. This kid was really a great company! :)
I love taking sunset shots from the beaches that I've been to. 
Boracay sunset, loveliest ever <3

The rest of our vacation photos are found in my Facebook account,  just check them out if you're one of my facebook friends. If I could just stay longer in Bora, I definitely would or even live in there! I  really just fell in love with the place, everything about it. My hopes are up high in going back to this wonderful place soon. :)


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