Saturday, September 1, 2012

When It Rains

Well try to complete the title post with the thought you have there in mind. It just rained the whole day and it just made me went lazy all daaaaaay long. No hangouts with friends, rain ruined the aura of the day :( Though the people had just lazy feeling all day, there was still a good side in this rainy day , and that was the gooooood looooong sleep that I enjoyed :))) my super favorite hobby. Haha anyways, back to the topic on the first sentence on this post. There are just many stuffs running on my mind when it rains. This may sound so noob and dramatic, but its the memories that I had with some people from the past. Especially when the ipod is playing those sentimental and slow songs, oh c'mon the weather's gonna be teasing me. But thanks to  sleep, it saved me from being drown to those memories. Let's get rid that stuff, another topic, please. Haha lol. Well, I promised myself that in the next blog entry, I'll be posting already long ones and outfit posts but uuggh, I'm still lazy to do it but promise, promise, the next one would be that thing already. So for those who had checked out my blog already, stay tuned and don't forget to follow me ( Enjoy the cold weather blog bugs :)


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