Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tattoo Urge

Hmmm. I'm bored and got nothing to do. Well, blogging would be my resort then. Haha anyways, I've been craving for a long time to have a tattoo. LIKE, THE URGE IS SO STRONG ALREADY. and yes, so strong that those words are in uppercase. Way back then when I was still in highschool, I told to myself, "once I graduated already, I would immediately have a tattoo" but ugh, expectations failed. As of now, I'm saving for it already 'coz I badly want one, I want to have it as a birthday gift for myself. But then again, there are many factors to consider. First, MY MOM. I think she would really kick me out of the house if she sees me having a tattoo or will strongly slap the area of my body which I tattooed on (like what she did to my brother. Hahaha) Second, if I could still find a job on my course which I've heard stories that some were not accepted on their training for the reason that they had tattoo (I'm talking about flight attendant training)
Life isn't really that easy then. You can't immediately do what you want ;( (oh I'm being so dramatic) Well, who knows. Maybe soon I'll not be doubting already and tadah! a tattoo is canvased on my body. I really, really hope *cross fingers* May the odds be with me.
Here are some of the tattoos that I've been sighting on. 

my all time favorite dreamcatcher <3

I've been addicted to bird prints, love birds indeed.

Ahhh this.

gorgeous quotes.

Indeed right for me.

(photo credits from here)


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