Tuesday, September 11, 2012

That Holy Fun Tuesday

This is a belated birthday visit to Mama Mary's shrine in Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. Since we were not able to do it last Sept.8, we decided to do it this day instead. It's been several years ago since I last visited the place. So when I and my friends/classmates mentioned about visiting the pilgrimage shrine about 3 days ago, we immediately proceeded to the plan and horaaaah! it did happen :) The time travel from Cebu City was 2 hours plus. The road trip was so fun than none of us fell asleep inside the car, thanks to everyone's super duper talkative skills. Hahaha there was no formal classes since last week because of the preparation for Intramurals. And so, we took advantage of it and made our long vacant day into a great south-side trip and enlightened our Christian souls as well O:) It was a very good day, good weather, good timing and awesome company with friends :)

View from the top

Mama Mary is so glowing :D

Variety of  Mama Mary's images in different countries

Jump high!

(from L-R)
Rochelle, Jian (yours truly), Kat, Dada & Ivan

Long trip requires fooood :D

Inside the car HAHAHA
Awesome day :">

(photo credits from Dada)


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