Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Spirit

It's been a long time since I blogged an outfit post or shall I say, I rarely do one. I blog for 2 years already but honestly, I'm still shy about posting the outfit stuff though I am a big fan and follower of fashion. Haha
 So so, let's do this. Free Spirit, as what I can say about this. 

I'm a big fan of Boho fashion. It's just so comfortable and you can show the artsy side of yours. Some girls can pull off this look, while there are others also that can't. My inspiration for this such style is my fave blogger Cheyser Pedregosa. Such a gypsy gal! Well, I hope I pulled this off though. Haha Bohemian all the way!

Closer look of the print of the dress. Actually, this dress/long blouse was from my cousin. She sold this to me last year and just got the chance to wear it on that day, really forgot I had this on my closet.

Oh, pardon for such wackiness. Well, that's really me. 
If ever I'm gonna post again outfit post, I'll do better bugs. I think this blog deserves some ootd's. Tell me if this is a yay or nay then, don't hesitate to leave a comment! :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

'Til I blog again, blog bugs! Keep posted, Xx

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