Friday, May 2, 2014

Food Trip 101: CMYK Dessert House

It's past 2 am and of course, I'm still awake. And yes, I will blog because I'm bored. Haha lol
Anyways, this is obviously a food post and I warn you not to get hungry and crave over to these few photos. My cousin, Casey and I went to one of my favorite dessert place in the city, CMYK. Probably this is my favorite actually, because of their scrumptious desserts and I feel very at home in this place, just quite, comfy and everything. Though I visited the place several times already, I'm still not able to taste all the desserts on their menu. Well, I got all the time and chances in the world to do it, since it is just very near from my school. Oops, I revealed how a foodie I am. Haha so so so, start craving everyone.

I really love it here, from the first time I visited the place. It is just so relaxing in here. Perfect for having a good talk and catching up with friends, family and with your special someone.

The best seller, Mugcake. 

This one is called "In a Relationship". Hmmm funny why I ordered this when I'm totally opposite with its name. Hahaha 

Banana Nutella Crepe. One of their bestsellers, I think. This was what I ordered also when I first visited in here and I wouldn't really mind ordering it again on my next visits.

We really don't care about diabetes, huh? 
Just goofing around. Hehe :)

Also why I love this place, their wall decorations are really cute and artsy. Visit the place to see more and of course, for you to taste their mouth watering desserts and other meals. This place is really a must-try Cebuanos and to those who are planning to visit Cebu City. 

Thanks for dropping by :)

'Til I blog again, blog bugs! Keep posted! Xx

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