Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Wind Up

Second time around to be here at La Vie Parisienne. The place is pretty much famous around Cebu City and always wanted to be visited by many curious food/wine goers, and also the pink trees are the ones much talked about. Haha As usual, the french croissants and other pastries in here never disappoints me. Check out these shots.

             This is what I'm saying, the artificial cherry blossoms gives a great delight in the place.


                              Had some wine with my three friends and a good talk, of course.


                      The croissants and raspberry turnover were really delish!! Really must try!


    The sausage and this kind of cheese (that I forgot the name) were also good as pair for the wine.          
          Sorry if I don't have clean photos with the food, we were quite hungry at that time. Haha
          If you're from Cebu City or planning to have a trip/vacation in here, this place is a must try. 
                                                      'Til I blog again, blog bugs! Xx

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